PE42823 50Ω SPDT RF Protection Switch 700 MHz to 6 GHz


From the inventors of RF SOI comes PE42823, a high-power receiver protection RF switch. Ideal for wireless infrastructure applications, this reflective switch is optimized for emerging radio architectures such as massive multiple input, multiple output (MIMO). The PE42823 delivers excellent single-event peak power handling, low power consumption and high linearity. 





16-lead 3 × 3 mm

Product Features

  • Excellent single-event peak power handling 51 dBm LTE
  • Exceptional linearity performance
    • Input IP3: 70 dBm
    • Input IP2: 105 dBm
  • Extended operating temperature of +105 °C
  • High ESD performance of 4.5 kV HBM on RF pins to ground

More information and the datasheet is available online.







Markets & Applications

  • 4G/4.5G wireless infrastructures
  • Pre-5G/5G massive MIMO systems
  • TDD-based RF transceivers 



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