Pioneer in Representing Global RF/Microwave Components in China
Trust, Cooperation, Win-Win-Win Relations.

  • Established in1986,Planet Technologies (Planetec) dedicates in representing global leading RF/Microwave components suppliers in China. We are one of the earliest representatives to promote high quality North American components to wireless infrastructure, base station, repeaters, satellite communication, cable TV, wireless module, radar and space clients in China. Planetec received many rewards from our suppliers and customers in the past years.

    • Mission:Grow with our Client and Supplier

      Philosophies:Company, Staff, Shareholders Work Together, Profit Together;

    • Ethic Practice, Spirit of Contract, Reasonable Profit

  • Our headquarters is in Hong Kong, a free-port and well-regulated, acts as a gateway for our products to enter the China market. To cover our clients in China, we have 5 offices in China, located in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Chengdu. Our laboratory in Nanjing is equipped with imported RF testing equipment, qualified by our North American supplier. Our engineers and testing team provide all round technical support to clients' need during R&D, testing, delivery and after sales support.

    Utilized our geographic location in Hong Kong, logistics center in Shenzhen and Shanghai, we provide one-stop-shop to our clients: custom clearance, shipment, storage, financing support, technical support and after sale services. We simplified purchase and provide contingency support. We work ourselves toward trust and cooperation to win-win-win condition for our clients, our suppliers and ourselves.

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